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VAC TRAC® pump

Reg: $184.95

SALE: $174.95

Free shipping

Stop changing hydraulic filters the old, messy way!

Switch to VAC TRAC   – the must-have hydraulic fluid filter changing tool for tractor owners and technicians. Works on all brands!


Environmentally friendly

Eco-friendly, no mess

Saves money

Saves money, no waste

Saves time

Faster filter changes

Goodbye, SHOP-VAC®...
Hello, VAC TRAC®!

Vac Trac is a patent-pending, portable vacuum pump that saves tractor owners time, mess and money! Just plug it into the fill port and turn it on to hold the fluid in the tank while you easily replace the filters. Use it anywhere, anytime....yes, even in the field!

It doesn’t get any easier than this...

Step 1

Stick Vac Trac in fill port.
Turn on to activate vacuum.

Line drawing of Step 1
Step 2

Remove filter. Fluid is held by the vacuum.

Line drawing of Step 2
Step 3

Replace filter.
Repeat as needed.

Line drawing of Step 3

That's it. No mess, no waste.

Vac Trac works on all tractor brands &
heavy machinery!

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Red tractor
Skid steer loader
Orange tractor
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The patent-pending Vac Trac features magnetic mounting points and comes with a flexible extension tube for those hard to reach places.

*Free Shipping & Handling

Vac Trac includes: flexible extension tube, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, USB charging cable, fill port adapters. One year parts & labor warranty.

VAC TRAC® with extension tube

Save Money with Every Filter Change


approximate cost of

5 gallons of quality synthetic hydraulic oil


number of gallons lost during a typical filter change


Vac Trac can pay for itself within 2 filter changes (or sooner!)

VAC TRAC® vacuum pump
Vac Trac® kit contents
Free shipping


Order Vac Trac, the world’s only portable vacuum tool designed for tractor owners and technicians. Available individually or by the case.

Vac Trac

Reg: $184.95

SALE: $174.95

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